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How to make a Thermos!

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If you want to learn how to build a thermos look below!

To make a Thermos you need to gather the following items which are pink fiberglass, duct tape, newspaper and a water bottle. Where would you get this stuff from, well you can find it in your house!

To make it: You need to hold the water bottle and then put some pink fiberglass on the bottom of the bottle and then duct tape that to the bottom of the water bottle. Then take a large piece of the pink
fiberglass and wrap it around the bottle and then tape that. Take the lid off and make a hole in the top of the lid and stick the funnel in the hole and tape that on. Now you need to wrap a little piece of pink fiberglass around the lid and the funnel. Now take newspaper and wrap it around the whole bottle including the lid and then tape it on, now put some newspaper on the bottom of the bottle and tape it on.Then wrap the entire bottle with duct tape making sure all the newspaper is covered. Now cut the lid free so you can twist it on and off. To make a stopper for your Thermos so the water doesn't get out you take a really small peice of pink fiberglass and tape around it make sure it isn't too small though or else you might lose it! You put the stopper in the funnel to cover the hole.

The funnel is there so you can do an experiment and check the temperature of the liquid with a thermometer and see how well the thermos works.

I love Science!!